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Our beautiful downtown location is set at 167 Lisgar Street and open for you seven days a week

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(613) 594-3655

Our Staff

Elgin Massage Therapy Clinic offers a choice of experienced and knowledgeable Registered Massage Therapists to better serve you.

  • Chad Belanger, RMT
  • Cindy Bertrand, RMT
  • Sylvie Chartrand, RMT
  • Mac Thom, RMT  
  • Danielle de Ronde, RMT
  • Jennifer Joyce, RMT
  • Yaan (Freya) Zheng, RMT
  • Sarah Heathwood Robinson, RMT
  • Tyler Milewski, RMT
  • Laura Martin, RMT
  • Shayna Tate, RMT
  • Elke Peck, RMT
  • Camila Akemi Augusto Mattos, RMT

  • Kimberly Hoffman, R.Ac (Registered Acupuncturist)


To our clients in Elgin Massage Clinic:

Since April 1st, 2020,  we have started the new booking system ( ClinicSense).
During the isolation time of COVID-19, we won't accept any appointments, but we can reserve the future appointments for avoiding the heavy traffic once the COVID-19 is resolved.
The methods to book your future appointments:
1) Please go to our website www.elginmassagetherapy.com, and it will link you to our available time.
2) During the isolation time: Please email to freyazheng1413@gmail.com
3) After COVID-19 is resolved: email to info@elginmassagetherapy.com,
Phone us 6135943655.
Through our website online booking as well
You can download the ClinicSense App to book your future appointment.
We will suggest you to use email first during the shut-down time.

Promotions and Events

We now offer Active Release Technique (ART) in a 30 and 60 minute appointment duration, with Tyler Milewski, RMT.